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Diarrhea in Children

Parents must be worried when the child has diarrhea. Some parents can even panic and point things as the culprit. But actually, what are the causes of diarrhea in children? Is diarrhea in children dangerous? Then, how to overcome it? Diarrhea is a condition characterized by increased frequency of bowel movements to be 3 times or more a day, with more liquid stool. A report from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that around 525,000 children under five die every year due to diarrhea. Most diarrhea in children under five is caused by a viral infection. Other causes are bacterial and parasitic infections. Conditions that are the main triggers of diarrhea in children due to this infection are environmental hygiene and poor sanitation. Apart from infection, diarrhea in children can also be caused by allergies, food poisoning, impaired food absorption, and side effects of drugs. Symptoms of Diarrhea in Children In addition to more frequent bowel movements and diarrhea, diarrhea
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Tips so that Children Are Not Afraid of Dentists

Children often feel anxious, afraid, to refuse when invited to the dentist. In fact, children really need dental care. This ultimately makes parents feel confused and overwhelmed to face it. Fear of children in the dentist is actually a natural thing, but it should not be prolonged. Because if allowed to occur continuously, this fear can continue into adulthood and make him reluctant to see a dentist, both for routine examinations and when his teeth have problems. If a child refuses to go to the dentist, parents should not just obey him. However, children's health must be considered, including dental health. Therefore, Mother and Father should learn how to make your child not afraid to see a dentist. Choosing the Right Dentist One way to make the child not afraid to see a dentist is to choose the right dentist. Because, every dentist has their own ways and techniques to make children not afraid in undergoing dental care. The dentist will explain the stages of treatment in a

Easy Ways to Deal With Nasal Congestion due to Allergies

Nasal congestion due to allergies is a condition when the body reacts to allergens (allergens). Many consider this condition to be a common cold symptom caused by a virus. As a result, the condition of nasal congestion due to allergies is not handled properly. Colds are often caused by a viral infection that attacks the upper respiratory tract. When an infection occurs, the immune system will try to fight. This response then causes nasal congestion. Whereas in colds due to allergies, blockages in the nose are caused by the immune system that reacts excessively to allergens, such as dust or animal dander. Differentiating Colds due to Viruses and Allergies Nasal congestion due to viruses and allergies have similar symptoms, making it rather difficult to distinguish. However, there are several things you can observe to distinguish these two conditions, namely: When a cold occurs The virus that causes colds will develop faster during the rainy season. Symptoms of a cold or runn